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Valentine is coming and I wanted to share the love quotes…


Try to live life
with the least I’m SORRY..
that means thinking before
saying or doing anything,

“it’s always better
not to hurt anyone than
apologize after you’ve hurt them

Do you know
what’s the most painful thing in the world?

Is when you both love each other
and yet couldn’t patch things up..

where’s the pain?..

it’s when one decided to end it up
and the other has no choice than to give up

“they say you’d know
you miss someone..

when it’s them you think of..
when your alone..

but i say you truly miss someone,
if it’s them you’re looking for
and thinking about,

even if your with a happy crowd..”


as I grow old,
my realizations about life become deeper..

problems get bigger…

situations become more

sometimes, i wish i could go back..

back to the time..

when the only man in my life
was my dad..

my only best friend was
my mom..

and any pain could be healed
by just a band aid and a lollipop..”


never let someone hurt you twice
giving him a 2nd chance is exposing
yourself to be hurt again..

if had done it once its bound to happen again…


coz you’ve gave him the idea
that no matter how much he’ll hurt you,
you’d still accept him all over again
giving him the power to hurt you again..

once is enough to learn..


Sometimes, we want to say this to someone:

“you suck, you’re insensitive,
inconsiderate, selfish, cruel, thoughtless
mean person who doesn’t deserve to be cared for
by a person like me..

i i wish you could just disappear
so you couldn’t hurt me anymore..”

but when we open our mouths
to say it,
it comes out a little softer like:



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