Simple Joys

I order a Candy Crush pillows last week and finally I got it yesterday. I am so happy when I got it because it just made our living room colorful.

Some thought that I am hard to please but believe me, simple things can make me happy.

When we had our Christmas party, my staffs are so afraid to pick my name because they don’t really know what to give. I assure them that anything that they can afford is so okay with me.

I grow up with simple needs and wants. My family is not rich so we are used to eat whatever is being served to us. I am not choosy. I can easily feel contented of what I got. I also don’t demand too much from anyone instead I push myself so hard if I wanted something. I wanted to achieve my wants and needs in my own terms and not by relying to other people.

When I grow up and started dating, some of my family members expected me to marry a rich man but I never feel it that way. I wanted to be with the person I love and not because of money. My only rules before in finding Mr. Right, is that he should be hard working and love me unconditionally. I pray so hard to God to grant my wish. I am so happy that God granted it so soon when I met my husband.

I believe that if you love the person so much and you are hard working, you will definitely reach your goal. As long as you are in one team, nothing is impossible. Some of my friends know how we started. Our life before was so difficult. We can’t even pay our rents, buy our groceries or even afford to ride a Taxi. We went through all that. We just never stop dreaming and start working on our goal. We never stop believing and we put everything in God’s hand. We work so hard and so happy that little by little we are now enjoying the fruits of our labor.

We still have so many plans but for now we are working on it one at time. We wanted to expand our business and opening new businesses soon and I am hoping that everything will go smoothly. I hope and pray that Jesus and Mama Mary will guide us.