Pico De Loro Getaway

We celebrated my husband’s birthday at Pico de Loro. We wanted to stay at the beach but since we can’t travel yet far from home because Xavier is just 2 months, we opted to stay at Pico de Loro. The beach is very private and so perfect for a birthday getaway.

I got a corner room and we really love it. We traveled without a yaya and it’s our first time to try and we are proud of ourselves that we made it. It’s not easy but we love it. We love going somewhere without yaya’s because that is a perfect time to get to know our kids. I am glad that the kids are used to be with us and we really know what they want so it is easy for us to bring them anywhere.

Here are some of the pictures:

That is the real happenings inside our room. 🙂

Gareth is watching TV while Xavy is sleeping. 🙂

Shower Area

View from our room

The Beach

Hubby and Gareth love the beach. 

We requested a baby cot for Xavier but it turned out that Gareth liked it. He sleeps and play in a baby cot. 🙂

It was a smooth sailing getaway but we really love it. We got a time for ourselves and for the kids. We also had a great time to be with them without any distraction. It was hard because both of them are demanding but we are used to it and we just enjoy it.