11th Wedding Anniversary

We exchanged our vows 11 years ago and until now we are still the same sweet couple. We still love to kiss and hold hands anywhere. Of course it is always like that, we also have our shortcomings just like any other couples but we try to work hard for our relationship to flourish.

Communication, respect, trust and love are the keys for our marriage. Since I don’t usually meet my friends, my husband is my constant companion in everything I do. We are bestfriends. We can talk about anything. We also love to eat and travel.

So for our 11th Wedding Anniversary, we decided to visit Boracay because I don’t want to travel outside Philippines because Xavier is still so young and I don’t want to leave him for so long. 3 days and 2 nights is what we got. I booked our tours 2 weeks before August 8, but since there are low pressure area that time, I thought of cancelling our trip but when Thursday come and saw the Sun shine so bright then it was a sign that we should pursue our trip.

August 8, Friday, was our trip to Boracay. It had traffic everywhere and we are almost late for our 11am flight. I am so glad that there were less people so we accommodated right away.

Arrive at Boracay around 3pm and it was very hot. I am so sure that we will be having a great time.

But around 7pm my sister who is taking care of my kids texted me that Xavier had high fever! OMG, that was it. I wanted to be at my child asap. I panicked!

They brought him to the nearest hospital where he got CBC and Urine test. While the nurses are doing it, I was on the phone the whole time and hear my baby crying. It was so hard for me and all I wanted to do is to cut our vacation short. Hubby kept on calling our transfer service around 12 midnight because we wanted to go home at 4am. ¬†When they got the test result, there is no need for him to stay at the hospital. My sister assure me that it was nothing serious and no high fever already. But I keep on checking on them almost every hour. We keep on texting. Before our trip, I write in a 2 bond paper all my instructions on how to take care for Gareth and Xavier but still there are things that we really can’t control. We decided to just stay. whew!

On our second day, when Xavier don’t have fever, that was the time we relaxed. We stayed on a shore, just had our juice and sleep. I even finish reading the book. It was a very relaxing day, I just love the sounds of the waves and the fresh air.

At Kalibo Airport



First Day:

Since we arrived late, we decided to watch the famous sun set and it is always breathtaking. So perfect!



Our dinner:






To be continued…