Feb. 11, 2015

I went back to Sisters of Mary Girlstown Cavite to see Sr. Riza again. I also see to it to share on my little way. Since, I am a graduate of the Sisters of Mary, I made a promise to myself when I was still a student that if ever I will become successful when I graduated, I will definitely donate part of my earnings to the school.



I believe that Fr. Al helps me to achieve my goals in life and without him I am not where I am today. He has  a big influence to my whole being. Without the help of the Sisters, I know that I don’t have this values I have now.



That is the resting place of Fr. Al and just last month He was already Venerable and we are really so happy for it kasi malapit na maging Santo si Fr. Al.

You can read about his life through this link.