Why I’m Painting

First of all, I am not a professional painter. I never attended any painting class or lesson. I just get some colors and brush and started painting.

I started painting when Ayumi died. It is therapeutic for me. It seems that the feeling of lost or emptiness was taken away when I am painting. At first, I just painted whatever I like and mostly abstract then later on I tried different subjects that I know is not perfect. I realized that art should not be understood but to be appreciated and love, so I just appreciate whatever I created.


I created few pieces already and some are displayed in the spa and lately I stopped painting due to my busy schedules. Then, suddenly I miss doing it so here I am… trying to do some again.

I am glad that I am learning how to do it right this time and I never thought that I can do this because when I was still in school, I really hate Art subject. Oh well, some things really changed and I am glad that I started loving it.