It’s been six days already!

Happy New Year everyone!

I think I need to post something in welcoming a New Year since it is my yearly tradition. It just so happen that I was not yet ready on what to post!

There are so many things going on lately and I really don’t know on where to start. As you all know, I don’t really like into planning on something but I think I have to start doing it. I have planners to go with it and I think I have to stick with the plans since I am now the business owner of not just a small company but to a growing company. Yes, it is quite new for me to handle my BPO business but wow it’s so amazing and I am really excited for this company.

So we have clients coming this month and we are really excited to meet them. Oh God, for the longest time they will be coming! OMG… I still can’t believe! So there you go.. that made me so quite lately. That made me so nervous lately because this is a dream come true for us. I know that it will going to be AMAZING! (hold breath!)

Plans? well.. I don’t plan so much for long term before but I think I have to start to have these short term and long term plans and of course stick to it! But of course, I won’t be discussing some of our business plans here…  Not here! I will just write it down on my planner and sticky notes and print some it.

But… to sum of it all.. here are the plans… ahahahha

  1. I will be EXTREMELY working my ass!  – For the past years I am not really into it, I just worked but not 100% yet, so this time I will do it 100%. hahahah
  2. I will be EXTREMELY have a vacation! – I will try to explore more places with my sons and hubby. Having a vacation is my only way to relax and will definitely help me focus on my work. So it is really a necessity for me to have a vacation. It is my only fuel to go on with my goals. NECESSITY!
  3. I will continue to exercise and reach my weight goals and eventually control my sugar.  – ultimate goal to stay healthy but hey I am not really a health buff, I just need to balance everything.
  4. I will eat right. More fruits and Veggies. – I really love to eat and I love to visit new restos in the city and I think I should explore more.
  5. I will watch more movies. – This is my past time if I wanted to relax and don’t want to go in a vacation because I still have pending work to do. This is my way of unwinding if I can’t travel.
  6. Read more books! – I really can’t live without books. I am trying to control myself of going inside the bookstore because I still have so much books to finish. So until I am done with my unread 8 books, I have to get away with the bookstore. My goal is read at least 100 books this year!
  7. Focus on my painting! – I started to love paintings and later I realized that having this hobby is not easy. The materials are quite expensive. I spent so much from it and I am not even sure that my paintings were good, but I don’t care. ahhahaah I will continue to paint to make me feel good. It made me feel relax and more focus on my goals. It made me deal with my depression and anxiety attack. So I think it is so worth it.

There you go… Those are my goals for this year and I know that this year is the best! I can feel it and I am so excited for it.