Jan. 1, 2018

This year is year of the Dog. 🙂

Since I arrived from our U.S trip, I was so busy. I never got a chance to stay at home. I have meetings everyday and I need to be at the office most of the time. We were also very busy preparing for the Christmas party in the office. So most of the time I was not in the house and it really made me so stressed out. Grabe hindi yata matapos tapos.

Then here comes New Year, I wanted to buy the things we needed so we went to Farmers on the 30th after our Batchmate Christmas Party in Cavite. Nakakaloka! Then on the 31st we went to Shopwise to complete our food but it took us another 2 hours just to reach at the counter. Sobrang daming tao. Next time November pa lang mamimili na ako ng para sa handa namin.

Mabuti na lang at nacomplete na namin lahat before pa dumilim, then I got a chance to nap before 12 midnight strikes.

The food


While waiting for 12 midnight we decided to play BINGO.

We went outside to watch Fireworks and to my surprise it was less this year and honestly I like it. There were less smoke and I don’t need to wear mask and I don’t have asthma attack.



I like those gold coins. 🙂


then we had our dinner..


2017 is quite a roller coaster ride. I’ve been through a lot in terms of financial but I am glad that it will be over soon. I am hoping that 2018 is a better year. I hope that all my wishes and hopes for 2018 will be granted but I know that I need to work so hard and let God do the rest. I hope for a healthier me and for my whole family. I am always praying for the safety of everyone!

I wish everyone the best 2018!

Happy New Year!

Have a prosperous 2018 everyone!