Night Swimming

June 7, 2018

Dinner time

After taking a nap, we woke up around 6pm and we are ready for our dinner.

While waiting for our food.

I also forgot to take a picture of our food since I became so busy taking care of the kids. No yaya this time and just imagine the mess. I can’t even take a proper picture of us since the kids were already hungry so while waiting for the food, we let them used the gadgets. The restaurant let Xavier borrowed the crayons and coloring book while waiting.

After having our dinner, we went to the pool area.

Then the kids had their night swimming.

Xavier just wanted to stay with me.

But eventually went to the pool. He was crying the whole time, he was so scared in the pool.

We are trying to help him overcome his fear but we failed. We will try harder next time.

But Gareth loves it so much. Sobrang sulit nong time na pinaturuan ko ng swimming si Gareth ng halos isang taon because he loves water so much. Kaya ngayon hindi na ako natatakot na magswim sya kasi marunong na sya but still we need to let him wear floaters all the time.

We made sure that the kids were having fun. Around 10pm we headed back to our room to have a good night sleep.