Oh my.. I really don’t know how to start.

So many things are going on lately…

First, I am just thankful that August is over… whew! that was a crazy ride!

I made some major decisions between July and August. Well, I’m always making major decisions in life in general but the one I made was the major of all major decisions so far. It’s a great leap from what I am used to be.

So far the decisions were made and it made me feel somehow better but the waiting time of the results of the decisions is what killing me now. The whole process is really building my character as a businesswoman, because somehow I am not really into waiting and I always wanted things to be done fast but right now I am learning to wait.

I decided to post more positive thoughts and things in my social media so I can attract positivity since that was I needed much this time.

That’s Law of Attraction and I’ve been practicing it for years now. Everytime I’m down and up for something in my life I need to post more positive things and I trained my mind to always look for the good in everything that happens in our life and I know that something good will happen.

I am not a perfect person, I have flaws and sometimes I have doubts in myself. I have fears… so much of it but I am trying to overcome it. Then anxiety strikes again… oh God, so many things are going on in my mind and if I will not control it then I know that I can’t achieve anything. I will end up losing everything that I worked so hard in my whole life.

But believe me, having these positive thoughts and have enough sleep will definitely help me overcome everything.

There will be some changes in the coming months and I know that it will be a good one and I know that by then I will be coming back to this post and be glad that I didn’t give up.

But I know that God is in control of everything. I know that He has bigger plans in every one of us and all we could do is to follow His will.

When I was starting my business, I am not really sure if I was in a right path. I don’t have enough experienced back then and not sure if I am doing it right but I just do it. I know that it was God’s plan. Then after 10 years my company is still here and continue to grow and I know that this is what God wants me to do.

Whatever the outcomes of the big decisions I made, I am ready for it and I am excited to provide more opportunities to the community.

So help me God…