Flu Season

The weather is kinda crazy these past few weeks so as a result I got flu.

I was not feeling well in 2 weeks. I have a bad cough, colds and sore throat. I can’t sleep straight at night.

I tried different medicine for my coughs and finally it just feel better when I took antihistamine. So it’s not just flu but allergy attack too.

So here I am, trying to do my usual routine but still smiling.

I need to be at my best though I know that inside I wanted to just rest at home… but I know I just can’t.

So here’s my convo with Xavier:

While I was still coughing..

Xavier: Mommy are you still sick?

Me: Yes

Xavier: You should feel better soon, because you made me sad when you are sick.

So, it made me realized that I should take care of my health because I don’t want my son to be sad.