Christmas Eve!

We had our dinner first… and it took us so long to take this picture!

Hubby needs to position the camera and do the timer…  mahirap gawin kasi si Gareth ayaw humarap, gutom na sya tapos si Xavier ang kulit kulit, gusto ng wacky pose.


We had chicken macaroni salad, fruit salad, ham and roasted chicken.

Xavier keeps on asking me when to open the gifts and he waited for the 12 midnight and shouted “let’s open the gifts!”

I also got my gifts from hubby! Thanks hubby for thinking of me!

Most of the time, I don’t receive gifts from my family on Christmas and I was okay with it. Sanay kasi sila na makatanggap ng gifts galing sa akin. Nahihirapan din silang bigyan ako ng gifts. Hindi daw nila alam kung magustuhan ko ba daw. Sabi ko naman kahit ano pwede. Nasa akin na daw lahat kaya hindi nila alam kung ano ang ibibigay sa akin. ahhahaha they are just funny!

Around 2am we’ve done opening our gifts and the kids were so happy for what they’ve got. They can’t stop playing.

Most of them liked what they received and I am so thankful that they liked it. I’ve been thinking so hard on what to give and it’s nice that they like it.

So…  that was it.

Holiday is almost over… but here I am trying to take things slow, just taking my time to rest because I’m still have flu and I hope I’ll be better soon.