Feb. 14, 2019

We decided to have celebrate our Valentines at home.

But first we went to the office to work, we had important things to do, but around 12 midnight we went home.

Hubby prepared our food. Actually, he planned it a week before that we will just stay at home since we don’t want to be in the road with full of people because we are sure that there were traffic everywhere and long ques in the restaurant. So to skip the hassle, we celebrated our Valentines Day at home.

and so far this is the most relax VDay ever…

The food was so good…

We are just in the corner of our room while taking care of Xavier.

By the way, he has colds and cough so we are taking care of him while we were celebrating Valentines Day.

My Valentines Day makeup 😀

That’s it! It was a great day! I love it… I am happy for hubby’s effort…

He is not just doing it because it’s VDay but he is actually doing it for me every single day.

So thank you guys for visiting my blog! Happy Valentines Day everyone!