Birthday Dinner

March 10, 2019

Xavier’s 5th Birthday!

We went to church then we had our dinner at Eastwood.

He grows so fast! I can’t believe it that it’s been 5 years already…

Every moment with him is really fun, he brought so much love and joy to the whole family.

My day always starts with him..

He is so talkative already… he can explain so many things. He has a wide vocabulary also. Sometimes he have this words that I don’t even know and he can explain it to me so well.

But he’s so sensitive lately. He always wanted so much attention. Whenever he wants to talk, we should be focus on him or else he will get mad.

We had seafood!

With the whole gang

It was a simple celebration..

I thank God for the continuous blessings and I wish for Xavier’s good health and safety always!