CDO Quick Getaway

On the last week of May, I decided to visit CDO for a business meeting.

I decided to visit just for 3 days.

For quite sometime, I didn’t travel because I need to focus on something and that’s how I really focus. As in ayoko ng distractions talaga. My last travel was 2017 when we went to U.S. So for the whole 2018, we just traveled within Batangas, Cavite and Laguna. I make sure to limit my travel during those times because I was busy building the business.

Our flight that time was 7am but due to some technical problem in NAIA, we boarded around 9am and arrived in CDO around 10am.

Then we headed to the hotel, we stayed at Mallberry Hotel and it was good. My mother was already there.

But we need to wait for 2pm for check in.

We slept from 3pm to 6pm, we were so tired that time.

Then we had our dinner at High Ridge, it’s an overlooking place.

It was Mama’s first time too. Sobra syang nag enjoy na makasama kami. Matagal na rin kasi akong hindi umuwi ng CDO kaya sinulit talaga namin to.

We had a great time!

I’m glad I had this trip…