Cat Cafe

Our first stop is to visit a Cat Cafe. Hubby loves cat and he is the one who introduced me in loving cats. We have cat pets in the house but I make sure that they are clean and not ruining the things in the house. I am just glad that they disciplined the cats.

I don’t want any pets inside the house, I grow up that our cats and dogs are not inside the house because I’m allergic. But when we transfer to our temporary house, I have no choice but to let them stay inside the house because we don’t have extra space for them. Luckily, they know where to pee and poop.

So, when hubby asked me to visit a cat cafe, I agreed because I might just stay in the corner and enjoy my cafe!

But to my surprise, it is expensive. The coffee is from a vending machine but it is unlimited but the charge per stay is per minute. So the longer you will stay in the cafe, the higher you are going to pay.

We just stayed 10 minutes because I don’t want to pay extra.

I think the 10 minutes was enough for hubby to check all the cats.

I just stayed in one corner, sipping my coffee and staring at this sleepy head cat. 🙂

Do you think it was worth it? It depends if you really love having with a cat but for me living with the cats at home, this is not so worth it… but still it was a nice experience.