It’s Fr. Al’s Birthday and I already set a schedule to visit him in his resting place in Cavite.

Fr. Al is the founder of Sisters of Mary School and I was one of the scholar. I am so privilege to know him and be part of his congregation. I am not who I am today if not because of him. The school imparted values to me that even until today is a big part of me.

If without his teachings, I am not be able to know the value of sharing blessings, I am not be able to know the value of helping others. Maybe, I am so high of myself if I was not mold early on.

When I was in my lowest point, the teachings I taught help me build myself again and I know that there were times that I will feel so down but with the deep foundation I had during high school I always believe that I can always get up.

If you like to know more about Fr. Al, you can check this link about him.

Then I got a chance to see my batchmate, Sr. Quennie who devote herself to stay in the congregation. 

I visited the school with my batchmates who work with me with my manufacturing business.

Then we had our quick dining at Leslie’s Tagaytay.