It’s been a while since I drive, I stop when I had my vertigo attack last year but really, I miss doing it.

Sometimes, I don’t want doing it because I am a thinker, I can’t think if I am driving but I want to do it if I want to relax my mind. I can drive up to Tagaytay without fear, I am more relax when I drive. I like long drive alone with loud music.

But I need to change my habit I think 3 years ago, my family got nervous everytime I drive alone because of so many bad things happening in the country. They are protecting me because I am the head of the business and they are not going me out alone. So I realized that I should take care of myself because a lot of people are relying on me, so I have to be mindful of everything I’m doing.  I don’t want them to worry, so I managed to stop. I like big cars and maybe if I have more money I will start to collect more!

I bring Xavier to his first Dentist visit. He was not scared. Our dentist is so nice and she keeps on explaining to Xavier the whole cleaning procedure. My baby likes it so much and he will have his follow up check up next week.

After visiting the dentist we went to the mall to get him his costume for his school activity next week.

It was raining so hard that time and it was one of the reasons why I got sick again.