Gareth had Fever

We arrived home around 1am, then brought Gareth to ER. His temperature was 39.5 when we arrived at the ER. Actually, even when his temp was 39.5 he’s still so active. He just keeps on singing. The nurse gave him paracetamol right away. Then they start doing the blood test. I was worried about the dengue. 

After an hour we finally get the results but we need to wait for his fever to subside.

He has UTI but the Dr. recommended some antibiotics and if Gareth still have fever after 2 days, he will be staying in the hospital.

When we arrived home, the fever went down to 38 something and he was taking his meds. He stayed in our room the whole night because I need to monitor him.

It’s been 4 days since he had fever and now he is doing okay already. He already went to his therapy.

It is always hard to handle special kids when they are sick. They are not vocal on their needs and they can’t even tell which part of their body is hurt, so even though Gareth has slight fever, I always bring him to ER or Pedia to check everything just to make sure.

As a special parent, I need to be sensitive to his needs. I need to check on his temperature every day and I need to check his whole body because most of the time they were not aware of what’s happening in their body. Sometimes, I see some bruises on his legs and arms because on how the way he moves. Sometimes he plays without thinking the danger, so I need to be watchful.

It’s not really easy dealing with special kids but since I know my Gareth so well, then it is quite easy for me but still challenging sometimes.