December 24, 2019

While waiting for the 12 oclock!

The gifts are ready…

Actually, it is my tradition ever since I got work to prepare gifts for the whole family. I still remember those times that I have only minimum wage, I shop in Greenhills or in any tyange. I never knew Taytay tyange that time yet. Every midnight my family got their gifts. I make sure to prepare something for them. I always put “from Santa” because that was my mother used to put when we were young.

Though we were not rich, my mother make sure that every Christmas we have some gifts and she let us believe about Santa.

When I started earning, I make sure to prepare something for them, I just wished that my father is still alive today, maybe I got him a new car with a driver as a Christmas gift.

The kids were excited…

Before we opened the gifts, Xavier keeps on checking the gifts and he was so happy that Santa sent him more gifts this year!

We had our videoke while waiting for the midnight..

I also bought these cat costumes for holiday. They don’t know what to do when we let them wear it. They can’t move. hahaha


I believe that Christmas is a season of giving and I am happy that despite everything that happened to us this year, I got more blessings to be thankful for.