It’s a 4th day of Community Quarantine here in Luzon. The whole Luzon is doing the community quarantine. As of today, there are 217 cases in the Philippines and more of it are from NCR. So, we are not allowed to go to Metro Manila. If you don’t have any business or work in NCR you should be staying in the house or within your community.

We are not also allowed to go to public places and most of it are already closed so we have no choice but to stay in our place.

So far our bpo company is still open but our employees are staying within the community. We have an accommodation for them and we supply food. They are not allowed to report to the office if they are not feeling well. If they have fever, they can’t go to work unless they have medical certificate. I am very strict in the cleanliness in the office. I continue supplying them with Vitamins C.

In the past 3 days, people are restless. I am panicking and worried. I am shocked about the things that are happening in my surroundings. I am worried for my people and of course for my family.

I am also worried for my health, I have diabetes and asthma so I am not really allowed to go out and meet people. Most of the time, I am just staying in the house but still worried. I need to calm down myself or else it will affect my immune system. So, I read books, watch good movies and resting.

I hope that no more new cases and those who got sick will feel better soon. I hope no more deaths as well. I hope that everything will go back to normal.