March 22

Still in a community quarantine and I am not going out.
Yes, I follow the Government..
So today, it’s cleaning time!
I have a separate vacuum cleaner for the sofa and bed, floor and carpets. In my age, I somehow find it amazing to collect cleaning appliances and tools than spending on other things and I think it is beneficial now.
I also miss going out, so I can only go out near our gate. I have a sun bath for a while. eheheh I just miss the heat from the sun. I think I should do it often.
Xavier keeps on asking me when he will be going back to school and I told him that they are already on a summer vacation. He can’t stop thinking school and he keeps on bugging me about it. So when he requests for a movie or something to eat, we try to give it to him. I am quite nice to my kids lately because I know they are also stress out for the whole situation. I can’t even bring them to the nearby mall or park.

I hope that this situation will be getting better soon.

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