April 1 Update

We are still in a community quarantine and I am just staying at home.
I am glad that I have this Japanese corn for my merienda.
We are watching Netflix and I am currently watching Descendants of the Sun.
I was craving for suman last week and I am glad that we finally have it now. This is a casava suman.
I miss going out. I miss going to the meeting and putting makeup. I miss going to the office and talking to my team. I miss watching movies and going to the mall. I miss shopping. I miss running errands for the family. I miss driving. I miss going around the city. I miss staying in the coffee shop.. oh God, I miss my normal life.

But… I know that this too shall pass. So as we are still into it, I just stay at home and make the best out of it. I spend more time resting and be with the kids. I have nap time, reading time, movie time and cleaning time.

Of course I am still doing business while at home. I can’t just stay at home and do nothing. I am worried for my business. I am worried for my people and I am thinking of things to help them but I have limited resources. So am only giving what I can afford to give. I am just glad that they appreciated it and I think that is enough for me.
Before this pandemic began, I have already plan my life. I already have a year plan for my business and for personal life. I have it well planned already but it seems that God has better plan. He stopped everything we’ve planned and He just want us to take rest and think of Him this time. I know that this resting time will somehow make us a better person.

When this will be over and we all survived then I am sure this will make us a different person. We will see things differently now. We will not take things for granted anymore. We have a different mindset and it made us more human.

So no matter how difficult we were all experiencing right now, let’s not forget to trust in Him. This too shall pass…

One thought on “April 1 Update”

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