Day 19

My first time to go outside Rizal. We went to Medical City in Pasig for hubby’s rabies injection. He got scratched by our cat and it was deep enough and he needs to have his injection in Medical City because it was not available here in Antipolo. I just stayed inside the car because I don’t want to go inside the ER. The last thing I want to visit is hospital in this particular time. I don’t want to risk my family and employees.

This picture is inside the parking space, it was creepy. Cars come and go and I keep observing people around me. Some open their cars and spray something, maybe a Lysol then they open their car. Then they will get inside and go. A lot of them are wearing masks and I can see that they are doctors and nurses. They looked so tired but still they are going to work. We need them now and I really appreciate their efforts. I hope they will not get sick. I hope that God and Angels will protect them. I hope that these pandemic will be over soon so we can go back to our normal lives.

The moment hubby went back to the car, I didn’t let him get inside immediately. I sprayed alcohol all over him and also in the driver seat.

When we went home, we let the kids go inside their room and we have to shower first. That is already the routine inside the house when someone needs to go out.

As of now, hubby is doing good. No more pains in his hand and the antibiotics are working already. He is also careful in touching the cats.

So that’s it… Life here is quite boring but that’s how it is.

I hope that this Covid 19 will gone forever!