Life Update During Quarantine

The kids keep on asking me for going to the beach and I keep on explaining to them that we can’t go anywhere because of the Corona Virus. Xavier keeps on asking when will it over, he wanted to know if he can go on a vacation on May. I don’t want to give him false hope so I said maybe on June when the Corona Virus is over.
To make them happy while in the house, we let them have swimming through the inflatable pool. Somehow they enjoyed it.
Xavier’s boring face. LOL
When we have food in mind, we look for online recipe and watch YouTube, just like this Palitaw, hubby researched on how to cook and he put some sesame seeds.

We still have a lot in our list and we are just taking it easy… hubby wanted to make donut and ramen so maybe in the coming days we will try it.

Though it’s frustrating that we are in a quarantine but I never think it that way. I am thankful that my family, employees and relatives are healthy. I am asking for God’s protection for everyone.

So far, the number of deaths are going down while the recoveries are going up and that’s somehow give us hope that this quarantine is really working.