Father’s 15th Death Anniversary

It still feels like yesterday but it’s been 15 years already without him.
I was 25 when my died. He had liver cancer.
Since we can’t visit the cemetery, we prayed rosary at home with the kids.
Just after 2 years after I got married he passed away. During my wedding day, he was the happiest. I can see in his eyes how happy he was. I am at least proud of myself that somehow I make him happy. His request before was to walk me to the altar and I am so lucky that he was with me during those happy times of my life.
My father was very disciplinarian. He was so strict particularly with my behaviour and academics.
I am thankful for the way he disciplined me because it help me become who I am today. He was perfectionist and so I got it from him. He was so tough and teach me not to use my emotions all the time.
As a leader, I know that without his way of disciplining me, I am not an effective leader today.
I am so thankful that I have a father like him and if ever I have to life my life again, I will still choose him to be my father.

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