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General Community Quarantine

Rizal is now under general community quarantine. So a lot of people are now going out to work and I think it is still not time to let our guard down. We should be more careful this time and if not needed we should just stay at home.

I miss going to the gym, I know I am not that skinny type but I just miss the activities in the gym. But since the gym is still close and of course I know that I can’t go out even if the gym will be open so I though of purchasing this stepper. My favorite exercise machine is this stepper way back when I was started going to the gym, in the year 2004. Since then, I always wanted to own a stepper and finally they have this machine that is actually easy to mobilize and handy.
The boys are getting bored and I know how they feel right now. Sometimes they just have tantrums that it is hard to deal with. Sometimes Gareth will just stay in his room and of course I worry a lot, so I make sure to spend more time with them and we do some activity together. But nothing beats the gadgets. I let them use it everyday but with a minimal time.

I am actually thinking about them in going back to school. Xavier’s school is now sending us online way of enrolling them and I am okay with it. I don’t want to risk them of going to school while there is still no vaccines available. I’d rather let them stay at home than going to school without any safety.
Lately, I don’t have so much cravings. All I want is to be active again. That’s why I bought the stepper. I also do some exercise for my tummy. But then, I think having arrabiata pasta is nice, I just miss it. Good thing is we have the sauce we needed.

I wish everyone is well and safe…