Life Update

What makes us busy nowadays are going to the farm and taking care of my plants.

Last Sunday, we finally put the welcome sign in our little farm. I bought it online and I find it cute in our entry.

I bought this rose cabbage succulent 2 weeks ago and I am glad that it is doing good. I air dry it for 24 hours only then repotted it right away and so far it looks great.

Just by seeing my plants doing good somehow makes me feel good. This new hobby somehow excites me going out to the garden and check my plants every now and then. Before I start working, I make sure to check on them. I am happy that most of them are healthy.

I bought 2 new mums the purple pink and the white. It is an additional for my yellow one. Now they look so pretty and I can’t stop appreciating them.

The succulents above them are already exposed in the sun and rain. They are my stable plants already so I somehow stressed them to let their true colors out.

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