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Random Things

Our mini farm gate is now finally done. The place is now clean and ready for the new plants such as fruit bearing trees and some vegetables. We are now planning where to place the plants and these things made us feel excited.

I have new set of succulents, I ordered it online and I like preparing it myself. This new hobby somehow feels me better despite of the chaos around me. I feel excited everytime I have new plants coming because I love cleaning them, drying them and repotting them. I also love seeing them grow. I think I check on them at least 3 times a day. This is somehow new to me because before I start collecting succulents, I can spent my week without going out in the garden. I just stay inside the house reading books and watching movie and of course working. But now that I started planting, I love going out and checking on my plants. I am beginning to love this new hobby of mine.

This is Xavier’s costume during their Filipino Month Program in school. He is wearing that in their online program and he was so uncomfortable with it but before he take it off, I asked him to post for a picture first. LOL

So that’s it… nothing much exciting happening lately. Aside from business, which made me so busy and drain after the day, I am glad that I have something to look forward like checking the farm and my garden.