Succulent Air Drying

When I received my succulents, I need to clean it by removing the soil from Benguet where most of the local succulents come from.

After cleaning it under the running water, I need to cut the old roots and let it dry for 1 to 2 days.

After 2 days, I am going to repot them in a new dry soil, then I will place them in a bright shaded area and I will water them after a week.

So that’s it… I will be posting the repotted succulents next time.

Happy planting everyone!

2 thoughts on “Succulent Air Drying”

  1. When formerly plump leaves become wrinkled and lose their sheen, it’s a sign that they’re drying out. During times of drought in their native habitats, succulents live off the moisture in their leaves, so they can survive a lack of water that would kill other plants. So long as the succulent’s vital core is healthy and hasn’t been compromised by pests that prey on weakened plants, it will recover when watered or the rains return.

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