Happy New Year!

2020 was a difficult year for most of us. We’ve experience the pandemic that change our lives. We live differently now and I think it will take time before everything will be back to normal again. Even me got affected. Our business was affected and there were some plans that never push through because of the situation. Some plans are put on hold because there is no way we can continue it. Few adjustments from here and there… We need to keep still and think ahead… Everything is in chaos. We can’t no longer plan as we did before instead we live in a moment. We learn to just focus on the moment. During this pandemic, I learn to focus more on my wellbeing, particularly in my mental health because if you are weak mentally, your body will follow and then it will weaken your immune system. So during this time, I make sure that I remove the toxic people in my life and I just focus day by day on my task. As a leader, it is hard at first but then I made a concrete plans on what to do day by day then eventually I get a hang of it.

Before I knew it, 2020 is finally over…. yay! 2021 is finally here and I know that this pandemic is still here but I hope that this will be over soon!

While waiting for it to be over, I will continue to do my routine and just focus on my health. I also learn that family is everything. I should spend more time with the family.

May this year bring us prosperity, good health and happiness!

Happy New Year Everyone!