Unexpected Things Happened

November 22, 2018, 5am

While I was about to sleep, suddenly nahilo ako, sobrang hilo talaga. Yong parang sumakay ako ng roller coaster, parang buong paligid ko umiikot talaga. Nagpanic ako. So hubby checked my bp and it was 150/100. I was rushed to the ER.

I was confined until Saturday.

The whole experienced was terrifying since it was the worst vertigo attack ever!

My blood sugar shoot up too, it was over 400.

The doctor was trying to lower it and so far it was working.

My problem is my vertigo, ang tagal bago mawala. I already did the therapy and so far may improvement  naman.


Nov. 25, my first time without taking the serc for Vertigo at medyo naging ok na ako. Grabe ang effect ng Serc, mas lalo akong nahilo pero effective naman kapag severe attack talaga. The therapy somehow lessen the symptoms. I don’t feel any headache right now, so far so good. I hope no more vertigo attacks. It was really terrifying.¬†

Still medyo nahihilo pa rin ako but manageable na. I am still resting at home, I still don’t want to go out. I am taking my time..