Just Chilling

The only time I went out was on Christmas Day and then after that I just stayed at home because I had asthma attack and the weather is still so bad.

There is storm coming and it was not a good time to go out. I wanted to go to in the beach but it’s not a good time to go.

So here I am just taking time to rest. I need to finish reading this book and somehow I got busy with this and of course doing my school paper. I need to finish it because we need to submit it early next month.

I had a very bad dry cough and itchy throat and I know this is allergy to the weather or food or something I don’t really know. So I  had to take antihistamine. I don’t get enough sleep too. Oh my.. I hope I will feel better soon.

I know this is my way to taking a time out. I’ve been working so hard this year and I know I just need to regain my strength. I was abused this year… so many people take advantage of me and it really affects me and somehow my health suffered a lot.

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Yes, I don’t have to seek revenge, I know that God has a better plan for me. I just focus on what really matters. I don’t have to dwell on those negative things that happened. I have to get up and continue to focus on my business and make it bigger.

So there.. I don’t have time for any negativity now…

From now on, I will give thanks for whatever I have because in that way more good things will happen!

I wish everyone a safe and healthy year ahead!