First Meeting of 2019

Most of the time I am just staying at home because I need to finish my thesis for the 2 subjects.

So…  I spent almost 16 hours working and doing my school papers. Since I have business to manage, most of the time I am managing my business and when I have still energy then that’s the time I am doing my school papers.

But really… it is just time management. After all these years, I finally master on what’s to do first.

and believe me… social media is not helping. I am avoiding checking my FB and instagram when I am started working because I need to focus.

That is also the reason why I am not updating my blog so often.

Anyway, I had my first meeting of the year and this one is really very important.

I will talk more about it next time…when the time is right!

We had a meeting at a nearby cafe and as usual this is my order..

and my happy face because the meeting was successful!

I believe that 2019 and beyond is the best!