Simple Joys

I order a Candy Crush pillows last week and finally I got it yesterday. I am so happy when I got it because it just made our living room colorful.

Some thought that I am hard to please but believe me, simple things can make me happy.

When we had our Christmas party, my staffs are so afraid to pick my name because they don’t really know what to give. I assure them that anything that they can afford is so okay with me.

I grow up with simple needs and wants. My family is not rich so we are used to eat whatever is being served to us. I am not choosy. I can easily feel contented of what I got. I also don’t demand too much from anyone instead I push myself so hard if I wanted something. I wanted to achieve my wants and needs in my own terms and not by relying to other people.

When I grow up and started dating, some of my family members expected me to marry a rich man but I never feel it that way. I wanted to be with the person I love and not because of money. My only rules before in finding Mr. Right, is that he should be hard working and love me unconditionally. I pray so hard to God to grant my wish. I am so happy that God granted it so soon when I met my husband.

I believe that if you love the person so much and you are hard working, you will definitely reach your goal. As long as you are in one team, nothing is impossible. Some of my friends know how we started. Our life before was so difficult. We can’t even pay our rents, buy our groceries or even afford to ride a Taxi. We went through all that. We just never stop dreaming and start working on our goal. We never stop believing and we put everything in God’s hand. We work so hard and so happy that little by little we are now enjoying the fruits of our labor.

We still have so many plans but for now we are working on it one at time. We wanted to expand our business and opening new businesses soon and I am hoping that everything will go smoothly. I hope and pray that Jesus and Mama Mary will guide us.


Habits of Successful People

5 Weird Habits Of Successful People #infographic


I think this one is true. Most of the time, I say NO. I don’t take advantage of everything. I am just starting and when people know that I am into business some are really taking opportunity. They are offering new business ideas but I don’t take it. Often times I say NO because I know that I have my own business goal and if I have to say YES to every idea crossing my way, I believe that it is just a distraction.



Yes!!! we are surprised!!

We receive email from our Boss and they want us to handle a very interesting task in the whole Company! Wow! we can’t believe!

I am so thankful to God and to Mama Mary for granting our request.
Actually.. I can’t find a right word to express how thankful and happy we are! New responsibility handed to us and we have to prove ourselves that we can do it and so far for the past 3 years working with them I think it’s the best proof that we can handle this new task.
speechless and shaking! I can’t believe it!


>Here I am still waiting for new project….

My long term project was ended last 2 weeks and until now I didn’t get a new full time task. I had a fixed rate project but for a moment it was on hold and I am still waiting for it to resume. I miss working but still I am taking my time to rest. I am worried but still enjoying every moment of it. I just finished applying for a new project and hopefully tomorrow I will receive a response and will start a new project soon. But for now… I am still enjoying my free time.
I am also taking much of my time planning about my business. I just updated my online store for new items and I will be adding more soon. Maybe after giving birth, I will add some branded RTW. I just added kids party lootbags and I am glad that I got more inquiries this time. I hope orders will follow soon. 🙂

>Ano na?

>Ayan hindi na naman ako masyadong nakapag update dito. Busy lang talaga sa work. We had new projects na kailangang matapos pero eto parang malayo pa sa ending. Hindi ko pa naumpisahan yong isa kong article at sa totoo lang wala akong ganang gawin. Ang gulo kasi ng client at eto pa gusto pa nyang may contract kami. kaya habang wala pa ang contract hindi ko muna ginagawa. May isa pa akong research task at ito ang inuuna ko ngayon kasi dapat maayos na to bago matapos ang Sept. o diba.. walang tulugan na naman to.

About sa store ko, every week meron kaming new designs. For this coming Halloween meron din kaming new designs for kids. 😀 Limited lang yong ma print namin kaya kung gusto nyo kumuha na kayo agad. We will be releasing the designs mid of October. 🙂

>Busy Again?

Finally I have 3 new clients. 😀 So maybe I’ll be busy again. Aside from that we have so many things to do. I need to buy items for my store and we have new designs coming in so we have to print it out.

We have upcoming orders of 2000 shirts so we will be very busy in the coming days. I am still waiting of my items and I can’t wait to place it in my online store and in my physical store.
Wish me luck…

>My Sunday

>I just finished working my online project. For the past 2 weeks I was so busy. Every other day I am visiting my store in Dampa sa Libis. I need to check the stocks and sales. I am also checking the items needed and processing orders. I am quite busy lately but I am enjoying it. I am still working online and still looking for more projects.

It’s a rainy weekend so I decided to stay at home and just finished all my tasks. I am also hoping to have a new online project soon because right now I don’t have a full time task. I missed working full time online.
I hope the projects will start soon. Wish me luck!!
Anyway, we added new shirt designs. You can check Elegant Pieces Blog or Elegant Pieces Online Store.
If you are within Metro Manila you can also visit my store in Dampa sa Libis.

>My Task

>My task is usually promoting a website or SEO but I don’t have time to promote my own website. 🙁

I am so happy that last night I got 3 new clients and this means more work for my team. Today is gonna be a long day because I have pending tasks to do and I hope I can finish everything before Sunday.