>Letting Go

>I need to let go my full time job due to U.S Financial Crisis. My client business is in it’s lowest point so he has no choice but to let me go. It is shocking but I also expect it due to U.S economy crisis. It’s sad but I have no choice… I have to let it go and look for a new job.

So I have to stay awake until 5a.m just to distribute my cover letter and resume and I hope that I will receive notice of interview tomorrow.

Well… I don’t know if I need to worry but all I wanted to do now is to look for better opportunity. I still have work… but I think I need a new one just to cover up what I just lost.

Wish me luck!!


>When I started my day this morning I received new instruction from my client and he asked me to become his manager and I need to hire 3 providers. So I immediately accepted the task and then I got new hire notice to do SEO work from other client.

It is a blessing that I have this job offer eventhough I thought about the crisis. So I became so busy the whole day hiring and training the new team mates. We have two PC’s and a laptop and it really help us do our task without even sacrificing our other task. I use my laptop for my SEO task and the two PC’s for graphics and research task.

It’s 3a.m but we are not yet done.. we need to work until 5a.m but I don’t we can still stay until 5a.m because we are already sleepy.

>Relax Monday

>Monday, to some it is the busiest day of the week but for me as a freelancer it’s a lazy day. In other part of the world it’s still Sunday so my clients are resting. They don’t usually go online to check emails or sending new task so I took this opportunity to relax by visiting my fave websites.

It’s a happy Monday because I have a new client and he also hired my husband as a graphic designer so we are so lucky. Tomorrow we will be busy again to start our new project and I hope to meet our clients needs.

As you can see, I change layout of blog because I don’t want a pink layout. Oh well, since I love chocolate and beach so this is the best template for now.. and hopefully I will not change it.

That’s all for now…


>First Year Anniversary

>I started working online last August 2007 and I am so happy that I reached this far. This is the first time that I enjoy my work because I can work in my own time and place. I can work everywhere I wanted as long as internet is available. I can work at the mall, coffee shop and even in the hospital. This is the freedom I ever dream.

My first ever task was data entry and ads posting. It was hard at first but I am so thankful of my previous clients that they guided me. I also experience clients who just lost after I completed the task. They don’t pay me and it is frustrating. Though I got traumatized I never stop looking for a perfect job for me.

So many sleepless nights just to look for a job and it is all worth it. After finding a job I have to focus on my work. I need to meet my clients expectations by doing the job well and submitting the task on time. It’s not easy as what other thought because it is just online. If you want to stay longer in this business you have to be time conscious.

I met different online workers that they got excited and interested about this kind of job but they don’t have time to finish the task and this is really frustrating. Some don’t take this type of job seriously and that will affect their performance.

I am happy that my clients from the past still ask for my service for the new projects.

Through this job I can support my family and start achieving our dreams. I am so thankful of this opportunity.

>Too Lazy

>When I woke up I feel too lazy today to start working. Well, I don’t like myself everytime I feel this laziness. I have so many things to do but still I can’t focus. So what I did was exercise and I feel active again then take a shower. I also gave Gareth a massage and then he fall asleep. I am now ready to work until 5a.m.

How’s your day?



It’s Friday and as usual I am working overtime just to meet deadlines. Well, I think this is already a routine. Eventhough I am workaholic but I still give myself time to relax. Sometimes I go out for window shopping or just to see the beauty outside my comfort zone. Since Christmas is coming I have to work hard because of that “something”. We really wanted to have it this christmas. So we really need to sacrifice and I wish that we can have it.

It’s almost 5am and my mind don’t want to work anymore so here I am blogging and just blog hopping. It’s fun visiting blogs and read about other peoples lives. (tsismosa).

Anyway, it’s time for me to sleep… goodnight everyone!

>Quick Post

>We just got home from a night out with my husband. We watched movie then dinner. I have some pics to post but I have to do it tomorrow because my right ear has pimple and it’s really irritating. It’s so painful and I can’t focus right now. I really need to rest and maybe I will take pain killers tomorrow so that I can concentrate on my work. I have a lot of work to do and need to meet deadlines.