Gareth’s School Christmas Party

As soon as we arrived in Manila, our schedules got crazy. I need to complete the gifts and of course, the parties are waiting

Dec. 6, the Christmas Party of Gareth and it was held in Kidzoona BGC, Taguig.

It was so traffic but still we arrived on time.

I need to wake up earlier than usual so as usual, I was so sleepy the whole time.

but Gareth had fun!

He always wanted to play inside Kidzoona but we don’t allow our kids to enter any playroom anymore.

This party was attended mostly by special children. So don’t expect it to be as organized but everyone had fun! I love seeing those innocent kids having fun and they were not even aware that it was a party. We parents were more excited.

The theme was Starwars, but Gareth wore the Shrek tshirt, his new favorite.

I think we stayed not more 3 hours and the party was over. The kids were started to get grumpy…

It was a fun party! I’m glad that Gareth enjoyed it as we do. I can’t wait for more activities like this in Gareth’s school.

Happy 13th Birthday Gareth

Gareth is now 13 years old!

I have so many wishes.. but my ultimate wish is for him to express his feelings in words.

I hope that we can have more conversations…

I pray for his safety and good health always.

I hope that he will grow happy and secure.

We had our simple celebration in the office.

I am glad that Gareth knows how to interact with everyone now.

Gareth don’t like parties. He don’t want noisy parties and this simple celebration is so perfect for him.

He has a simple request and I will definitely grant his request soon.

Gareth’s Day off

Gareth turned to have hair cut.

We have this particular hair salon for kids and Gareth always went there because the barbers know how to handle him. They have this quick hands just in case Gareth will not cooperate.


then we went to Starbucks, his favorite place to chill. Then we got some new books for him and Xavier to read.

Gareth loves reading books and I see to it to have him new books every now and then because he sometimes don’t want to reread the old books.

Gareth had Fever

We arrived home around 1am, then brought Gareth to ER. His temperature was 39.5 when we arrived at the ER. Actually, even when his temp was 39.5 he’s still so active. He just keeps on singing. The nurse gave him paracetamol right away. Then they start doing the blood test. I was worried about the dengue. 

After an hour we finally get the results but we need to wait for his fever to subside.

He has UTI but the Dr. recommended some antibiotics and if Gareth still have fever after 2 days, he will be staying in the hospital.

When we arrived home, the fever went down to 38 something and he was taking his meds. He stayed in our room the whole night because I need to monitor him.

It’s been 4 days since he had fever and now he is doing okay already. He already went to his therapy.

It is always hard to handle special kids when they are sick. They are not vocal on their needs and they can’t even tell which part of their body is hurt, so even though Gareth has slight fever, I always bring him to ER or Pedia to check everything just to make sure.

As a special parent, I need to be sensitive to his needs. I need to check on his temperature every day and I need to check his whole body because most of the time they were not aware of what’s happening in their body. Sometimes, I see some bruises on his legs and arms because on how the way he moves. Sometimes he plays without thinking the danger, so I need to be watchful.

It’s not really easy dealing with special kids but since I know my Gareth so well, then it is quite easy for me but still challenging sometimes.

Clingy Boys

Since we are new in this house, the boys are quite  clingy, specially Gareth. It is always hard for him to adjust for new things. He cried when he found out that we are not going back to our old place. He keeps on checking on me. He just want to stay in my side. He stays in our room while we were arranging our things.

When I go out to do some errands, he wants to go with me when we don’t let him come to us, he was crying and worried the whole time.

That is the struggle of having a special child, I need to explain to him everything but he don’t get it instantly. I need to constantly talk to him that this is our temporary home.

He is quite sad…

But I know eventually he will get used to it.

On our first night, he can’t sleep. He just keeps on checking on everyone.

It’s been a week since we are here and so far he is now adjusting. He can sleep and quite comfortable already.

He thought that we are just staying here for a day but when he saw that we are arranging all his clothes and setup the computers, that was the time he found out that we will be staying here for a while.

Gareth’s 12th Birthday

Yay! Gareth just turned 12 years old last November 14.

I still remember that day I gave birth to him.

It was supposed to be a weekly regular check up but my OB found out my water was below normal so the emergency CS was performed.

I can’t believe how quick it was done. I was so excited for him, I didn’t feel any discomfort after because all I wanted to do that time was to take care of him.

Then fast forward… it was 12 years ago already!

I am so lucky to have him. Though he’s a special child, it was always easy raising him. He’s always happy and just being by his side is always enough for him.

So here are the simple things we did on his 12th birthday….

Birthday salubong, 12midnight.. we sang happy birthday to him and for the first time he blew his own candle this time.

Then we ate at the restaurant, at BonChon because it’s his new favorite.

While waiting for the food.

Then we had milk tea


And went to church at Padre Pio Church in Eastwood

They lighted candles

We pray for good health and safety always.

I thank God for trusting me to be a Mother of Gareth.


I just love it that Gareth and Xavier loves each other. Gareth knows how to deal with Xavier. I like how much they love and care for each other.

At the church

It was a simple celebration and I love it this way.

Love you my dear kids!


Gareth’s Hair Cut

So I decided to have a day off because I wanted to go out with the kids.

Our first stop is for Gareth to have haircut.

It’s been a while already since he got his hair cut and he’s requesting for it but since I was so busy these past few days so I need to cancel the appointment.

But finally, I need to do this or else he will get mad at me.

His hair is quite long and its covering his eyes already.


He hates the sound of the razor that is why we need some assistance to control him during haircut.

Unlike before that he kept on crying, this time he is just singing the whole time.

There were many developments lately and I’m so proud of him. Those little developments were important for us special parents and it made us so proud of him.


My Date

July 15, 2018

The day after my birthday.

We attended mass with Gareth.

He cried at the church when he heard those sad songs. We tried to console him but he didn’t stop crying so they went far away so they won’t distract other people inside the church.

That was actually always our problem when we are inside the church. It’s always an effort for us to finish the whole mass since Gareth don’t have patience. He will cry or make some noise and if ever we can finish the mass we always give him rewards.


After the mass, we went to Eastwood Mall to have dinner. We went to a Ramen Resto and this time Gareth was starting to get mad because he was hungry already.

We asked the waiter to give his food first and I explained to them his case. Luckily, the people in the resto served his food before he started crying.

I am used to it to explain to people around me whenever we are in public his case because some people don’t get it when special kids has tantrums. We experienced so many humiliating stares when Gareth is not in the mood and I really don’t mind them because I am focus on keeping him calm. When you see Gareth, you can’t tell that he’s special child but when he started getting mad like shouting and crying that’s the time that I need to stand up with my child. I know that sometimes he can’t control his emotions that is a delicate moment for him and that is also the best time that I will make him feel secure and it’s okay to meltdown.

He feel good after our dinner then we let him do the shopping. He’s so familiar with the area, first we went to Fully Booked first and it seems that he’s looking for a book then when he can’t find the title he was looking for then we went to a Toy Store, where he picked up the Sofia the First Writing Board. That’s the only one he picked up so we just get it.

Gareth loves to travel and go out in the mall or resto. Since he was a little I exposed him to go out and there are some people who were amazed because I never keep him away from public places.

I don’t really have plans of keeping him away from public places. I want him to explore the world though he is special. I don’t want to limit him, I want him to grow and adjust in the environment around him.

I’m glad that I did that because we can travel with him anywhere. Just like lately when he requested to go to South Korea. So maybe I should prepare their visas soon.

Having a special child is not easy but all through these years, I learn a lot and I love every moment of it with Gareth. I cannot trade this experience to anything in this world. I know God has a reason for all of this and I never questioned God anymore but instead I embrace this blessings with all my heart.


Gareth’s 11th Birthday

Happy Birthday Gareth! I still remember the day I first laid my eyes on you! You were the cutest and I instantly fall in love with you! Since then we were inseparable.

We’ve been through a lot anak! You are one of the reasons why I survived when a tsunami hits our family. I was so amazed when you mentioned your little sister and you still call her Baby Pillow, I know you grieve but you handle it differently. You simply made me strong and help me realized to just live in a moment.

When the doctors confirmed about your special case, My goal that time was to provide you the best because you deserve it. Now that you are 11 years old you exceeded my expectations. You are the best kuya to Xavier! Thanks for your everyday hugs and kisses. It made me feel good and ready to face the everyday challenges.

I wish you happiness Anak! I hope someday you will be able to read this message. Remember that you are loved and enough. You don’t need to be something else because I love the way you are! You are indeed my lucky Charm!

I am looking forward for more adventures! We will going to travel around the world 🌎 my favorite travel buddy! Cheers for more adventures, fun and healthy life Gareth!

We love you so much!




Feeling Blue

I was not quite feel good yesterday,  I had my stomachache for 2 days. I am trying to relax after taking meds. I was not in the mood of going out so staying at home is my best option after we visited Ayumi.

Then suddenly Gareth went to hugs and gave me kisses. Enough for me to feel good!

Gareth really knew how to make me feel good. He is so sensitive to my mood and if he knew that I am not feeling good, he is always on the rescue.

He really knows how to make me feel good. He has this tactics that he alone can do it to me that made me feel good. He don’t do it verbally, he seldom express his feelings but he always makes me feel special. He knows what made me feel bad.

It seems that we have our connections, I know when he is not okay, even though I am far from him. I know exactly how he feels.

One time, while I was traveling, I suddenly feel uneasy, I know there is something wrong with him. I called the house and found out that Gareth was so upset and can’t stop crying. So we do a video call and talked to him then eventually he was okay.

So don’t think that those special kids don’t have a feeling, they are more sensitive to other peoples feelings, specially to those who are close to them.


Having Gareth is a blessing indeed!