That is my priority this time. I am glad that finally I opened an account at FAMI Mutual Funds. I read about it for the whole week and I liked it. I placed 5k as a start then maybe I will add 5k a month.

Working at home and earning online is not really secure so I should start investing on something. Well, we got insurance and hoping that next month I will get trust funds for the kids.

I am excited that I am learning and now focus on this one. I just simply love it!

Yes, I have some guilty pleasures like clothes, bags, jewelry, cameras, makeups and shoes but most of the time I am thinking of savings for our future.

Well, just lately I come up of a new business ideas and I shared it to hubby. Now we are starting the business and I am hoping that it will work.


>For this week alone I will be spending 20k for shopping alone! OMG! I know that I need to stop! okay… just let me be.. it’s my birthday month!

Weekly hubby is giving me allowance to shop but sometimes I don’t use it, instead I save it so I am still a good girl.
But lately.. I’m not. My orders from U.S are here and I need to pay in full and I want to get the kindle 3 soon so there…
After all this… I realize I should stop. Of course I know when to stop. I am not really into it but when I am stressed or depressed my only outlet is to shop online.
Lately, I think differently. 70% of our income goes directly to our savings account but I believe that it will not earn that much so I decided to put it somewhere safer but earns more.
So I look for a Financial Advisor and so happy that I found someone that has a passion in it. I learn a lot from her and tomorrow we will be meeting for the first time. I am excited and all my questions are ready.
I can’t wait.. and I think this is a wiser decision so far.
oooppss maybe I’m just getting old or matured? but no matter what you called it, I think I am wiser now that I am 32. 😀


>We are finally in our new house…

We are not yet done in arranging everything. Boxes are all over the place and I hope that 2 days is enough for us.
I will not be online most of the time for 2 days because there is a delay in transferring our internet connection…
I will take an opportunity for meditating since its Holy Week.
I thank God for this wonderful blessings….
I will be back soon!

>Tomorrow is the Day


We will be transferring to our new home tomorrow. I’ve been praying for this for a long time. We purchased a condo but its still under construction and the turn over will be on 2012. Since we are just renting I thought that our rental fee is quite high and its practical to purchase a new house and lot. Luckily, we got an offer this 208sqm. house and lot. Believe me at first I was hesitant but through God’s grace we finally decided to take it. We need to loan the property through PagIbig. We completed the requirements and now we are all set.
Here are the pics of our new home:

>New Target

Last week I finally bought a new entertainment cabinet in a nearby furniture shop. At first I wanted to personalize the design but since we will be transferring to a new home we thought that its not the right time to personalize our furnitures to lessen the hassle of transferring the furnitures.

Our new target is to purchase a new office table and office chair so that I can work comfortably. I am planning to purchase it next week or end of this month.

>Start Saving

>I need to save $4,000 and hopefully I can achieve it. This is for something that we love to own.

I just post it here because I noticed that everytime I posted something we wanted here eventually we achieved it.

crossing fingers..

>Interior Design

>Today I am thinking of getting house interior design because next year we will be transferring to our new home. I browse online of the designs I wanted in our home.

Here are the designs I wanted…

Again.. libre ang mangarap LOL

Masters Bedroom

Gareth room. Maybe I will change the wall paper.

Kitchen – I like the colors and the modern design. I want this design in a smaller type of kitchen because our Kitchen-to-be is quite small.

Minimalist Living Room

I want to place a rainshower in the bathroom and just keep everything simple.

>Shopping for Condo?

>Yesterday we visited a condo near GMA, actually it’s a preselling condo. The price is a great deal but the place is too small. I realized that I can’t settle in a small place. So.. I changed my mind of purchasing a condo.

We went to Megamall trying just trying to freshen up and met condo agents. There are some nice condos, bigger and in better location but the price I can’t afford. For a 3 Bedroom it costs 5M. Since we thought of getting a condo is also one way of investing but I think this is not the right time for us to purchase one.

So.. we are now checking new options…