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Shopping Time

I started shopping for Christmas. I need to replace our curtains and pillow cases. I also bought giveaways for our spa clients. It was really tiring but I have to do it but I am […]

Are you the Introvert Type?

  I have staffs that are introvert and well, I think my husband is also an introvert type. Though I am noisy and most of the time loves talking, I have this passion to those […]

My New Painting – Pink Clouds

Painting is my new hobby. I started months ago after the death of my daughter. This is my therapy. I just paint whatever I like. I don’t take any course or studies about painting. I […]

All About Nuts

  I love nuts and I am so happy that I got across this information. I hope you will find it useful too. 🙂

Candy Crush Life Lessons

  I am a candy crush addict but lately I am not playing it much because I have so many things to do. When I got this life lessons, it made me realize that through […]

Night Out

Last night, I scheduled a night out with our Spa Therapist. We went to Dampa sa Libis because they wanted to check my items and I let them shop in my little shop. Of course […]

Typhoon Maring

For 3 days, we experienced non stop rains and it caused flood to some areas of Metro Manila. We are living in Antipolo City and we are very thankful that we are not affected by […]

Each Day is a Gift

I found it at FB and I would like to share it here. The time is so perfect because I needed a story like this so much.   The 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud lady, […]

Great Weekend

How’s your weekend? About me, I have a great weekends. Me and hubby have our weekly date. We watched The Breaking Dawn 2 at Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City. We went there around 2pm but we […]