Just about anything


>Happy New Year!! Let us welcome 2009 with a bang!! We are working the day after Christmas and until today we are still working. We don’t have an actual vacation but we can go out […]


>My mother asked me to call her. When I did she was so worried about me. She asked if I am okay.. if I feel better. My sister last night asked the same thing too… […]


>Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is now open in Mega Mall. I’ve been waiting for it because I love the pasta and blended coffee. Though some of the products are not yet available in this […]

>Cold Thursday

>It’s so cold today and all I want is to sleep but I can’t do it because I need to work. I need to keep on thinking the coming holidays so that I can focus […]

>Rest Day

>Yesterday I decided to go out to watch Twilight. I love it and looking forward for more…I bought Gareth a gift and I immediately wrap it to surprise him. We had lunch at Banana Leaf […]


> I watched news last night and crisis are everywhere. Recession happens not just in third world country but also in U.S. My clients from U.S are now experiencing financial difficulties and so I don’t […]

>Wet Day

>Its raining the whole day and without noticing it I sleep for almost 10 hours, too bad… it is cold and I am so lazy to wake up. Gareth is lying beside me and he […]

>I’m Still a Housewife….

>I slow down in working today because I think I need time to rest and think of some other things. Gareth birthday will be this coming Friday and we already had a plan and hopefully […]

>Why oh Why?

>I don’t usually talk about politics here in my blog but eversince I am a follower about politics issues. When my father was still alive we always discuss about politics and we sometimes got a […]

>Too Lazy

>When I woke up I feel too lazy today to start working. Well, I don’t like myself everytime I feel this laziness. I have so many things to do but still I can’t focus. So […]