For 3 days I am sleepless.

I am printing 60 shirts since yesterday. The design is quite complicated and since it is our first time we are so challenge for this and luckily we made it.
I am now taking my break and soon I will start printing.
What happened to my online tasks?
Well, I ask my husband to do it. He is an expert too so there is no problem for him. I am the one incharge in shirt printing since I am so OC.
I will post the pictures later and I hope to finish this before 5a.m. because I need to deliver this at 8a.m.

>My Sunday

>I just finished working my online project. For the past 2 weeks I was so busy. Every other day I am visiting my store in Dampa sa Libis. I need to check the stocks and sales. I am also checking the items needed and processing orders. I am quite busy lately but I am enjoying it. I am still working online and still looking for more projects.

It’s a rainy weekend so I decided to stay at home and just finished all my tasks. I am also hoping to have a new online project soon because right now I don’t have a full time task. I missed working full time online.
I hope the projects will start soon. Wish me luck!!
Anyway, we added new shirt designs. You can check Elegant Pieces Blog or Elegant Pieces Online Store.
If you are within Metro Manila you can also visit my store in Dampa sa Libis.