Another meeting…

I need to wake up earlier than usual but it was so hot. I think it’s already summer.

The summer clothes should be out soon.

Then we had our dinner at Italiannis Eastwood.

I was craving for meat so I got this.

Our dessert — 

Ramen Time

It’s been a while since we had Ramen, so eto bumalik na naman kami sa Ippudo Megamall.

But this time parang bigla akong naumay sa order ko.

So I want a different order next time.

This is hubby’s order.

Actually, we are doing some errands but we need to have dinner first. 

Then our favorite dessert here 🙂 The black sesame ice cream 🙂

Lugang Cafe

We went to Megamall for some errands.

Then we were starving…

So we decided to have dinner at Lugang Cafe.

Our favorite Chinese Resto


Here are our orders:

It’s our first time to try this dessert it somehow surprised us, it was very huge.

We didn’t finish it, sobrang busog na kami. Dalawa lang kami ni hubby kumain ng mga yon. Dahil hindi na namin kaya, inuwi na namin ang iba.



We were out to run errands.

We were starving so we decided to have lunch first at Marison’s.


The orders:


Pakbet with Lechon

Dessert.. hahaha I forgot the name.

Me, while on traffic, I had my Macadamia, one of my favorites nuts.



July 27, 2017 (Thursday)

Classes were cancelled due to storm’s coming. So the kids are just staying at home and they were so busy with their gadgets and watching TV.

While it was a busy day for me, went to the bank and stayed in the office until 4pm then headed to a nearby resto with hubby.

It was my first time to try Ineng’s.

Here are our orders:

My order

Hubby’s order

I also added this lumpiang sariwa, but I never finished it. Hindi ko na nagustuhan.

Then hubby had this Laing at naubos nya agad. Favorite nya yan.

We also added 2 barbecues at eto talaga nagustuhan ko. But I stopped when I realized that I already have too much pork. Bigla akong naconscious, I can eat everything but minimal. 

Sobrang nabusog kami, the downside is I am not really in a java rice, mas gusto ko plain and I forgot to inform the waiter so ang ending hindi ko naubos ang kanin, which is also good. ahhahaha hay naku diet pa rin ang iniisip ko. But I love what we ordered and we will be coming back to try more. The barbecue is really the best!


Sunday Dinner

We went to McKinley Mall at Taguig.

We decided to have our dinner first and we wanted something that’s familiar to us.

So we had a Japanese meal.

With Xebxeb

Kuya Gareth and Ate Irish

The group!

Our orders:

As usual, I have my Ramen. Oh well, I am learning to like it.

They were busy eating. 🙂

It was a great bonding moment with the kids. We see to it to visit new places around the Metro. Sa daming dumaan na challenges lately mas gusto every weekend pumunta sa mga lugar na hindi ko pa naiikot. Masyado na kasi akong nakulong sa work kaya kailangan din minsan lumabas labas.


My husband loves Ramen so much that we need to check out every Ramen Resto in Manila. Sometimes he got disappointed because some don’t met his expectation. Palagi nyng hinahanap ang authentic na Ramen. One of his favorites is Ippudo. Since favorite nya to, I also tried it and I started loving Ramen as well.

Here are our orders:

This is my order. 🙂 Sobrang dami pala ng noodles at ang bilis kong nabusog.

This is hubby’s order, naku maanghang yan pero gustong gusto nya. 🙂


After I met a friend, we decided to have our late dinner at Aristocrat. This is along Roxas Blvd.

It’s our second time here and I like the food, so Filipino and yet affordable.

Here are our orders:


It was Tuesday night, pero ang daming tao. Medyo maingay lagi sa resto na to at palaging puno. Ibig sabihin talagang masarap ang pagkain.

Mabuti na lang kumain muna kami bago kami umuwi kasi sobrang traffic sa C5.


Damaso Restaurant

I am familiar about Padre Damaso way back in High School and when I saw this Filipino Resto in Greenbelt, I was curious.

We were starving that time due to heavy traffic in Edsa to Makati. So hurriedly ordered our favorite Filipino dishes.

I have this Pork Binangoongan.

While hubby had this Spanish Sardines

I have this guiltless cake also and it’s called Guni-guni, no sugar added. 🙂


Last Saturday, we went to Cavite to visit Sisters of Mary School then headed to Tagaytay to have dinner.

We tried Josephine’s for the first time.


I like the place, medyo malawak at malamig.


Here are our orders:

Ensaladang Talong

Grilled Pusit


Buttered Shrimp

Then we headed back home…

Parang ang lapit lapit na lang ng Tagaytay ngayon, parang every weekend nasa Tagaytay na ako.