Personalized Notepad

Today I got my personalized notepad.

I so love it and I can’t wait to use it. 🙂

I think I am done online shopping for clothes and shoes. I am now into crafts and something new and interesting items online. Lately, I keep on browsing instagram sellers and I only saved those who have interesting products.

Yes, I am addicted to online shopping and I never stop since 2004. Wow for 10 years I am doing this and I really don’t know when to stop.

How’s your day?

>Let me Wish!!

>If I have the money to splurge I wanted the following bags:

Red Balenciaga
LV Speedy 30
LV Neverfull MM
Mulberry Alexa
Hermes Birkin
Well.. that’s my wish and hoping that someday I will have those bags.
I know.. I know… I need to work soooo hard to have those!!

>For Comfort

>Everytime I woke up, my neck is aching and realized that it is due to my sleeping position. Last week when we went to SM Megamall I decided to buy a new pillow.

When I checked the displayed items, the Tempur Pillow cost 350each, the last time I checked the price it was way higher than that. So I got 2pcs. for me and hubby.
So far, I had a great night sleep and everytime I woke up I feel so good and energize.
Thanks to Tempur Pillow!

>Wants or Needs?

>The last time we bought major appliances was year 2003 after we got married. My husband loaned at the company he previously worked.

We just celebrated our 8 Year Anniversary and when we checked our major appliances and furniture they are not as functional as before.
So I will be making a list of the items needed:
1. Refrigerator – it’s not functioning and currently we are using our Freezer and because of that we are paying higher electric bill.
I saw at SM a Kelvinator Matte Black Ref. I might get this one.
2. Stove – We are still using the stove given to us when we got married and it needs replacement since the other burner is not functioning.
Since we are planning to renovate the house next year we decided to just get a 2 burner stove. Hubby wants a La Germania stove but we will just get it next year after the house renovation.
3. Aircon – we are using our aircon for 6 years and needs replacement.
I want a Carrier Aircon.
4. Dining Set – we have a glass type dining table and so far its still okay but the chairs are not dependable anymore. This time I want a wood dining set.
5. Washing Machine – Our washing machine don’t have a drier so everytime it rained we got a problem in drying our clothes.
I want LG Topload Washing Machine.
We are working so hard for the coming weeks to buy all the items listed! Goodluck to us!

>Waiting for my New Kindle


I’ve been eyeing this for months but still not convince if I really have to get it until I downloaded ebooks and my eyes got irritated reading ebooks through my laptop. The screen of my laptop is harsh to my eyes.
This is really fun.. I can read my fave books anywhere I go.



I got a text message today from a friend that my orders are here, she is the one ordering my stuffs from U.S. I usually order items from Amazon, like books, toys, bags, clothes and shoes. I let her order it so that I can save the super duper high shipping fees.
My orders are:
Fossil Modern Cargo Convertible Tote
I’ve waited for this bag because this is my birthday gift! I never thought that it will come right in time. So happy!
I order this for Pillow. Actually, I spent too much for toys. I believe that kids should be given toys appropriate for their age and abilities.
This is for Gareth. He really needs educational toys a lot. Actually he only prefers playing cars and trucks but I stop buying it anymore because I wanted him to try other toys. I know this is somewhat boring for him but he really needs this one. This is also one of the tools he is using in the therapy center.
I also bought books, actually guide books and I can’t wait to read them.
Now my new shopping list is ready…

>My New Gadget

I order this Canon Powershot A470 through Amazon. I am excited to receive this new toy.

  • Fully automatic 7.1 Megapixel digital camera with 3.4x Optical Zoom for fun, easy shooting
  • Sleek, modern design in 4 bold colors – Gray, Blue, Red and Orange
  • Large, high-resolution 2.5-inch LCD makes on-camera viewing easy; uses “available anywhere” AA batteries
  • Enhanced Canon Face Detection Technology automatically sets focus, exposure, flash and white balance for greater shooting freedom
  • Motion Detection Technology automatically reduces blur by calculating subject movement and selecting ideal exposure and ISO settings