More Pictures from Pico de Loro

During breakfast..

Si Xavier na naman ang pinakamabagal kumain…

Si Gareth naman ayan daming kinakain palagi kasi magbabad na naman yan sa beach at pool. Ayaw tumigil hanggat hindi kami aakyat sa room.

On our way to the beach…

Si Xavier naman mas gusto lang maglaro ng sand toys nya… at eto pa naiwanan namin ang toys nya nong nagpicture taking kami pauwi galing sa beach…

Pagdating pa lang namin sa beach si Gareth hindi na yan mapigilan… gusto na agad magswim. Kaya nasa bus pa lang kami nakasuot na yan ng floater, just in case na biglang tumakbo sa beach. Though marunong siyang magswim pero hindi pa rin ako kampante, may part kasi sa beach na biglang lalim.

Hindi din sya pwedeng magswim mag isa, dapat may kasama palagi..

Here’s a thing… I have a membership in a particular club pero hindi ko pa magamit gamit kasi natatakot ako… lalo na nong time na hindi pa marunong si Gareth lumangoy kaya pinaturuan ko syang magswim ng isang buong taon. Gustong gusto kasi nya ang tubig kaya hindi pwede na hindi sya marunong o ako ang mamatay sa nerbyos…

Siguro sa ngayon pwede ko na syang dalhin don sa club kasi marunong na syang magswim at nacocontrol na namin ang behavior nya. Hindi na sya basta basta tumatakbo na walang paalam. Alam na nya sumunod sa rules.

Sea always makes me feel good… so when I feel so down mas gusto ko nasa dagat ako, mas mabilis maging maayos ang mood ko. I hope someday magkaroon kaming beach house para paggising ko nasa beach na agad ako.

I hope someday…

Sa ngayon kailangan ko munang ikutin ang mga magagandang beach ng Pilipinas at ng buong mundo…

Zambales Getaway

We were planning this getaway for a month already. It is a getaway with the relatives.

Since I was so busy, I asked my relatives to look for a resort and I will just go with it.

So came May 18 and 19…

We leave our house around 7 am, it was Friday and traffic.

Around 2pm we arrived in the resort. So hungry and tired…

After having our lunch, I went inside our room and take a nap.

Then woke up around 4pm to wait for the sunset.

It was so nice!

I really love sunset, it always makes me feel good.

Then we stayed in the beach longer. Kids started playing while I had my photoshoot. LOL

We don’t look tired… we were happy that we finally find time to be together again.

Here’s a short background story…

When we were kids we were always in the beach. My relatives lives in a nearby beach in Cagayan de Oro. So when we were young it is just ordinary for us to spend our summer in the beach. We had lots of pictures during those years but some were lost due to some circumstances.

During high school, I went to Cebu to study and they stayed in Cagayan de Oro. We had our separate lives for a while.

After high school, I found out that my family transferred to Los Banos, Laguna so from Cebu I went to Laguna directly and to my surprise, I found out that my aunts and cousins were already transferred in San Juan, Manila.

So fate bring us all together. We are really destined to live near to each other.

So every summer they were visiting us in Los Banos so we can have our get together. Most of us that time were still single.


Then one by one we got married. We settled and just focused on our family. We seldom see each other.

But everytime we need each other, we are always for each other. We always do something to have time specially if one of us is in deep trouble.

On my wedding, they were there.

During the special moment of my life they were always present.

Even on my lowest point, they were my strength. They never leave my side. They comforted me in every way.

So when they requested me this outing, I never had a second thought.

Being with them is the best and we are now building new happy memories with our kids.

I want our kids to get to know each other and build this kind of closeness because I know in the future that they will depend on each other.

Happy faces!

I can’t wait for our next summer getaway!



I got a chance to visit this place again with my family.

The church.

There is always a wedding in this church. I don’t have a chance to look inside because there was a wedding going on when we were there.


It has a nice view around. We are definitely closer to Nature.

Tour Time..


I remember when I was still in college, I went to a hanging bridge in Los Banos and I was so scared. I never crossed the hanging bridge before and that was my first time.

The boys

Xavier was crying kasi nadapa sya. Nagkaroon ng konting sugat sa tuhod nya. I was trying to explain to him that it was normal and part of growing up.

So kapag nakikita nya na may sugat sya, iyak sya ng iyak and he will tell me “it’s part of growing up.”

It was a great adventure and we do it again.

Horse Riding

I always have this soft spot for horses. When I was young, we have horses nearby but it was not ours. When I attempted to ride a horse my Lola always freaked out. She was so scared that I might get hurt. She was always a protective one.

So I really never got a chance to ride a horse when I was young.

Then finally I tried it..


There was even a time that I wanted to enroll into equestrian but so scared but now that I tried it I think I am ready.

So I just hope it will not broke any of my bones.


Gareth likes it too. He just keep on singing while riding a horse.

I’m glad that hubby was so supportive of this idea because he also wanted for kids to have fun.



Daddy with Xavier. They like it so much. I wish I have a farm that my boys can enjoy it everyday. Oh maybe I will get one in the future…


It was a great quick getaway with the family and I think we will do it often.

Splash Mountain Los Baños Laguna

It’s my father death anniversary and we went to Los Banos but we arrived late so we just stayed in Splash Mountain, my favorite resorts in Laguna eversince.


We stayed overnight and had our night swimming until 2am.

It was a short time but we had fun.

>Summer Vacation: Panglao Bohol


It was our first time at Bohol and we really love the place. We stayed at Bohol for 4days. We had so much fun and great quality time with the kids.
We stayed at Alona Kew White Beach Resort and so happy for the services. We also had a chance to join country side tour. We are so amazed of the beauty of Bohol and we wished to visit it again soon!
Father and son were ready to splish and splash!
The family!
The Tarsier!
Loboc River.

>How’s My New Design?

>Last night while working on my client’s blog and search for new template I saw this template that is perfect for summer. Since I love beach I thought that this is the perfect template for now. 🙂 My husband did some techy stuff here so that it can be placed in my blog perfectly. He also added the bubbles in the header and it is so nice!! Thanks Dear!!!

Summer is here.. and I am excited of my summer getaway.

What’s your plan?