I’m still here

It’s been a while since I last posted here because I am quite busy the last few weeks. I am planning of opening a new business next year and as of now I am preparing the funds for it. My travel agency business is working great and I am so happy that I have followers already. We got more inquiries everyday and so happy that as early as now my business is doing great. We are working double time to promote the business and so far it is effective.

I will be having my training too about the new system that we will be using next month so I will be busy again. I love being busy and actually I really miss it.

Anyway, Christmas is coming and I can’t wait to start my Christmas list. I want to visit bazaars and look for unique pieces and I hope to find a perfect one for my love ones.


Mom’s Rant

Last night was crazy. I went home from the office worrying because Gareth have fever for 2 days. Later that night, we found out that he has rashes in his mouth, hands and feet. So we never wasted time, we went to the hospital.

The doctor checked his rashes and found out that he has foot and mouth disease.

The difficult part is giving him medicine. So I want him to stay in the hospital but they don’t have room vacancy, we are in Medical City but still no rooms are available and we need to wait with the 30 others. The ER is crowded already.

So we decided to go home and just give his medication at home.

Everytime Gareth got sick, I always see to it to bring him to the hospital because he can’t express himself well because of his autism. That is really a very difficult part. I often explain it to the people around us if he is not in the mood. Just like last night, while we are in the ER, he is so stressed out and keeps on crying that may disturb others. I also need to discuss it to the doctors his case because sometimes he is not cooperative everytime someone wants to check his vital signs.

This is just some of the difficulties of having a special child but I accepted it with all my heart and I will continue hoping that Gareth will eventually adapt the normal environment.

God Bless everyone!


Easter Sunday 2012

I know this is post is quite late but I still want to post this one.

Easter Sunday is very important for me. First we went to church then had our little bonding time with the kids and siblings.


Trick or Treat 2011

We attended Trick or Treat yesterday at Megamall. We didn’t stay longer because the event is not well organized. I just let the kids experienced the event.

Here are some of the pictures:

My Little Ayumi, carrying her basket. 🙂




She loves carrying it wherever she go.

Irish and Ayumi

The kids!!