Towards the end of the year, I found out that Ate Nida, my yaya when I was a baby passed away. She was with my family even before I was born. Then she worked in Laguna when I was 4 years old but we didn’t lost contact. Until we transferred to Laguna. She was with us always specially on special occasions. She’s like a second mother to me. When I found that she was sick, I did everything to help her. It just heartbreaking that she’s gone.
I am thankful for all the love and care! I can’t forget her… she is always in my heart and prayers.
We stayed in this inn nearby her place the night before her burial. I just can’t help smirk because of the Inn bedsheets and blanket and it matches my LV bag. Oh my..

Office Christmas Party

Finally the list was complete and we were ready to party!

The giveaways… Spaghetti set with company t-shirts. I asked my team to write their 5 wishes and I grant 1 wish. So I need to complete at least 50 wishes and that made me so busy. It was hard at first but it was fun. Hubby made sure to organize and create a system that we followed to make everything easier.

When they received their gifts, they looked so happy and it made so happy as well.

We had a simple celebration this time and I like this better.

Universal Studios Part 1

The reason we are here in Singapore is for Gareth’s birthday request.

He always like to visit Universal Studios because this is Shrek’s home. He loves Shrek, he watched all the movies of Shrek and even memorized the songs.

So when we were on our way to Universal Studios and he saw the castle from outside, he shouted Shrek!

So I know that this is going to be fun.. because he knows what he really wants.

As a mom, I’m happy when he requested this trip because Gareth seldom asks something. So whatever makes Gareth happy, I will definitely give it to him.

We went to different rides and I took my vertigo meds first because I want to have fun too. I want to create more happy memories with the kids so I went with them in any activities they want.

Sorry for no updates

I am still here…

Sorry for not updating my blog for quiet a while because it’s a busy month for me. My last update was when we were in Singapore and I am not done yet uploading the pictures but in a few days, I will be updating this blog.

There is a lot going on lately and everything is good. It’s just that I have things to think of and prioritize.

I hope you will get back for more…

See you!

Sick Again…

I should be attending an event but sad to say I can’t make it because I was not feeling well. I got flu… so I opted to rest.

I stayed at home and just took my meds and rest. I sleep the whole time.

Xavier, is really trying to cheer me up while I am resting.

When I feel better, I watched movies with hubby and Xavier slept with the cat.

We watched movies until 3am, I can’t sleep anymore because I was sleeping the whole day.

After 2 days of resting, I recovered so fast. I also had my body massage that relaxes my body.

Light Museum

It took a while since I posted about our Japan Tour because we have limited internet access at home.

So okay…

Here are some of the highlights of our tour:

We went to Light Museum early knowing that we have a lot of time to explore the place but when we arrived at the area, there was a long line! It took us 2 hours to get inside the light museum.

It just good that we ate before going to the museum and we also bring some extra food.

It was holiday that time and the start of school break so basically, more tourists and locals were going…

I was so amazed… I hope Philippines will come up of this kind of museum..

Sobrang saya ko, ang ganda ganda talaga. The pictures will not justify the beauty of the place. You should really visit the place to appreciate it.

There’s also a time limit so we need to take pictures fast. But everything is so worth it!

Exploring Dotonbori Osaka

On our first day in Osaka, we decided to have our DIY tour to Dotonbori. 

We tried using their train and it was a bit confusing… 

Some of the ticket machines don’t have English translation and we need to use our phone apps to translate it. 

Sometimes we even rode a different train and end us in a different station but they have this fare adjustment that we can easily exchange our tickets. 

It was quite hot when we were in Japan. So most of the time I am wearing a summer outfit. 

It was so humid.. but it never stopped us of going around the area. 

We had lunch here at Dotonbori and it satisfying. It prepares me to do the walking.. 


I am so happy when hubby found this black sesame ice cream!
It is one of my favorites, when we ate at Japanese Resto in Philippines, they seldom serve this ice cream and if they do, the serving is so small. Palagi akong bitin. Pero dito sa Japan sobrang sulit.. ang dami ng servings!
The famous Don Quijote! Grabe ang laki nitong Don Q sa Osaka.. but I never explore it kasi gusto ko sa Tokyo mamili.
This river is so clean! I wish Pasig river is as clean as this.
Going around the place 🙂
Napagod kakaikot kaya tumigil at nagpicture taking muna.


We are hiring and interviewing applicants weekly.

We need to complete the number of agents needed before April 8.

We are almost on our target numbers and I can’t wait to meet them all.

Though we are busy, we always make sure to have time together.

ookay.. I’m showing my OOTD.

How’s your day?

Just Chilling

So after my lab test, we stayed in the coffee shop.

That’s hubby’s order…

My order

It was bland but still okay…  

I am trying to smile… yes trying to make sense of it all. Trying to be a better me despite the chaos around me.

Then I remember that next week is Valentines Day and we don’t have plan yet.. because we don’t know what to do… because we have important things to do.

Business first…