Not Feeling well

Xavier is not feeling well. Pang 3 days na, uso kasi ngayon ang flu. Siguro 2 weeks ng palaging may sakit sa bahay namin. Basta halos kami nagkaflu na. 

Akala ko hindi mahahawa si Xavier pero sya pala ang last na mahahawa. Ayon may ubo at lagnat sya, at nagstart lang sa sipon yan. Medyo ok na sya pero takot lang kasi uminom ng gamot kaya nag aaway kami kapag time ng uminom ng gamot. 


Matigas pa ang ubo nya kaya nahirapan syang makatulog. But right now, mahimbing na tulog nya. Sana ok na ok na sya tom. 

Madami tuloy syang namiss na activity sa school. 🙁 I’m sure tom (Monday) hindi pa rin sya makakapasok sa school. 

Dear Santa

No gifts yet under the tree.

Xavier was worried so I let him write to Santa.

Then he got this letter for Santa.

I hope Santa will grant his request because he’s very good this year. 🤴❤️

My Prince

Xavier had their United Nations and they were required to wear any costume. So I decided to let him wear this costume.

Sobrang excited sya nong nakita nya ang costume nya. I ordered it at Furrple.

I ordered it around first week of October and I’m glad it suited him well.

Mad Hatter

Xavier has this mad hatter project in school.

So we decided to create a hat from scratch.

He was so happy and proud of wearing it.

The details…

Then he went home with a reward.. He got the 3rd place! Yay!

It was so worth it…

Buwan ng Wika

August is Buwan ng Wika

Xavier was busy practicing for this event. They sung and danced and I was so proud of him while doing it.

It just shows that he is having fun in school.

He’s always excited everytime they have program in school.

No matter how busy we are, I always give time whenever they had school activities.

He loves dancing and singing and he is showing it to us at home.

We are delighted for all his achievements and developments.

He is indeed our Rainbow Baby. 🙂


We arrived in F1 hotel in BGC around 9pm. So Xavier and Kzandria finally meet. They got along immediately and started playing.

It’s been a while already that I last saw her and that was during her baptism.

She grew up so fast and so “bibo”.

I am so proud of Xavier in dealing with babies or other kids. He seems matures enough to play with other kids.

When it was time to go home, Xavier wants the baby to go with us. He even carries Kzandra clothes. Nakakatuwa… Ang bilis nyang maattach.

With Xavier

I was having a meeting and I let Xavier go with us. We arrived around 7pm in a meeting place so we had dinner first.

He keeps on asking about the meeting and I was trying to discuss it to him.

I wanted him to be aware of what i am doing because I want him to familiarize the business.

As early as now I am teaching him to be responsible.

After the meeting we went to BGC to meet my friend’s daughter so they can play.

Xavier’s Moving Up

As a Mom,  it always excites me when Xavier has school activities. It is always a major event for me when he has school activity. I always give time to all his activities and I wanted to be present in any of it.

He is also very proud if I went to his school. He always introduced me to his classmates. It is a nice feeling…

So when I found out about the Moving Up, I was so excited.

When I first enrolled Xavier, I never thought that he will like school. Para sa akin gusto ko lang sya magkaroon ng socialization kasi masyado na syang bratty sa bahay. Parang palagi syang galit at gusto ko din syang matutong makisama sa ibang bata.

So yon, I never pushed him hard to study. Kung ano lang yong kaya nya, hinahayaan ko sya. Hindi din kami nagrereview kapag exam na nya, hinahayaan ko syang matututo on his own. Ayaw ko syang higpitan kasi gusto ko mag enjoy lang sya kasi Nursery pa lang naman sya. Baka kasi kung higpitan ko sya baka ayaw na nyang mag school. So para sa kanya naglalaro lang sya sa school.

But the good thing about sa school nya, tinuturuan talaga sila lalo na sa behavior nila. Malaki ang naging improvement ng behavior nya. Natuto na rin syang makisama sa mga kaklase nya. He learned so much. I am so proud of him.

Natuto din syang magsulat at magbasa. Eto pa mas nag improve pa ang vocabulary nya. He can talk straight and has never ending questions. I just need to develop his tagalog, kasi gusto ko pa rin na matuto syang makipag usap kahit kanino. I know eventually he can do it.


Everything he does is important to me. It is like an achievement on my part.


As a Mom, it is my dream to my kids to finish school. So medyo marami akong frustrations sa part na yan. When I found out that Gareth is a special child, I know that he can’t go to a normal school so I just let that dream away. When Ayumi was born, I was so excited for her to go to school but still it never happened.

So when Xavier was born I was not really planning his school. Unlike nong kay Ayumi na may mga plano ako kung saan sya magschool. Pagdating kay Xavier, hindi ako nagplan, kasi natatakot ako. Basta hinayaan ko lang. Kahit nga nong baby pa sya wala ako masyadong plano. Gusto ko spontaneous lang lahat. Maraming nabago sa akin nong kay Xavier na. Bihira akong magpost ng pictures nya online at magkwento about him online kasi madami akong takot or gusto ko nakaprivate lang sya.

But lately, madami na kasi syang pinapakita na kabibohan kaya hindi ko na maiwasan na hindi ipost. Kaya minsan magpost ako sa FB pero after ilang araw nakaprivate na ulit yon.

Anyway, I never expected the award kasi para sa akin nag eenjoy lang sya sa school. So malaking bonus na sa akin ang award nya.

I am just so happy for this award and so proud of him. He will be turning Kinder 1 and this time tuturuan ko na sya sa academics nya ng dahan dahan para alam na nya ang responsibility nya.

That’s it!




Candies from Xavier

He went home from a birthday celebration in School and he brings these little sweets.


He is always that sweet. He will always brings something for me. Sometimes he even asked some money from his Daddy to buy an ice cream for me.

I am so lucky to have a baby like him. I thank God everyday for having a sweet Son like him.


Xavier’s 4th Birthday Dinner

We had our Xavier’s Birthday Dinner at Cafe Mediterranean.

I let my siblings and kids taste the food and they also liked it.

It’s kinda refreshing to try something  new.

The kids like it too specially Gareth and Xavier.

I am glad that my kids are like me who like to experiment on food. I want them to be adventurous so everytime we travel I don’t have problem with them on trying new food.

Xavier here is showing how we have the same ripped jeans. He’s so proud of it.