>It’s about Time

>Me and hubby decided to hit the gym! We found out that home exercise and dieting is not enough. We don’t have much physical activities because we are working at home and just going to […]

>Shopping Time

>I shop yesterday at Greenhills and just purchased shorts. It is so hot and my husband wanted a new shorts. I also purchased Gareth swim short. I realized that I need to update my closet […]

>I was Wrong

>I am really good in searching friends through friendster. I found old friends, relatives and even enemies through friendster. I saw this profile and I thought that it is from a friend. So for one […]

>What Happened Ted?

> I was shocked when I read it online about the news. Ted Failon wife is in the hospital and some said it’s a suicide but I feel there is a foul play. Ted statement […]

>Weight Update

>The left pic was taken last December 2008 and the right pic was taken last sunday (April 12, 2008). If I have to check through weighing scale I really don’t lose much but I am […]


>Finally I will settle in this new template. I keep on changing it but for now I will use this template. I hate going out since yesterday because it’s so hot! Gareth is so irritable […]

>Yay It’s Here!!

>My Loreal Make up order are here. I order new lipstick, lip gloss and eye shadow. I placed my order last week and because of the holy week I just received it today. I am […]

>Next Project

>Last Thursday, we asked someone to clean our aircon and luckily the carpenter knows about creating almost anything. I showed this picture to Mang Jun and I am so happy that he can create something […]

>Gusto Ko

>Gusto kitang makita… gusto kong malaman mo lahat lahat… Gusto kong ibalik ang nakaraan… na ako lang ang gusto mo gusto kong sabihin sayo na ikaw pala… Pero paano ko magagawa, hindi na pwede!! hanggang […]