>My Man

> You Have Him Totally Hooked Your guy is all yours – and happily so. He loves being around you, and he totally sees you as a couple. It looks like you two have a […]


>I woke up late again because I sleep late around 5a.m. I woke up around 3p.m. then I got a message from a client. I got a new task. Then.. open my lappy and work […]


>OMG, due to cold weather this afternoon I over sleep. I woke up 4pm and Gareth is beside me and asking me to hug him and put our blanket on. I sleep well as if […]

>Ordinary Day

>Just staying at home and work while my T.V is on. Gareth is playing beside me while watching his favorite tv show. My husband is working upstairs and just go down to cook and eat. […]

>Need Cash…

>Today is my payday and I got surprised that I can’t withdraw using my oDesk card. My husband tried different banks but still no successful transaction. We supposed to pay our house and here we […]

>It is so Complicated!! Can you Hande It?

>The girl was 18 yrs. old when he met his 25 yrs. old bf. It was a very short relationship. A boy asked her to marry him but the girl refused. He promised good things […]

>Offer Unaccepted….

>I got an interview today. I applied for SEO work and he offered me $150/month. Honestly I really want the job but we don’t agree on the amount. I need to work full time for […]