>Cagayan de Oro Update

>It’s a busy week. We attended wedding and meet my relatives and spend more time with them. It’s nice to be with them again. I really miss them. I wanted to try white water rafting […]

>Back in Cagayan de Oro

>We are in Cagayan de Oro City now to attend the wedding of a friend. There was a delay in our flight yesterday due to bad weather but when we arrive here in CDO the […]

>Major Attack

>Last night I had my asthma major attack. My husband panicked and want me to stay in the hospital but I refused because we will be traveling soon and I don’t want to stay in […]

>Cold New Year

>Until today we don’t have a chance of going out because all of us are sick. We have colds and cough. Gareth has fever. It is so cold and this is the first time that […]

>Happy New Year!

>Happy New Year Everyone!! I wish my readers all the best for 2009. I don’t have a new year resolution this time. I will be listing my plans for 2009 and I will post it […]

>Uncle Danny

>I received a text message today from my Aunt that my tito is in the hospital. At first we thought it is just because of over fatigue but my Uncle told me that it is […]


>Happy New Year!! Let us welcome 2009 with a bang!! We are working the day after Christmas and until today we are still working. We don’t have an actual vacation but we can go out […]

>Happy Holidays!!

>It’s a busy week. My family is with us to celebrate Christmas. We opened our gifts together and it was fun. My siblings love what they got. I also received a gift from my sis. […]

>3 Hours Before Christmas

>It’s now 3 hours before Christmas and everything is now ready. We are waiting for 12a.m to open our gifts and eat our ham. My family is complete and we are having fun. I am […]